Elena Anossov
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Los Angeles, CA

"...I was absolutely inspired, both from the medium itself, and also from seeing your work, and you and your team in action. Thanks again for a great experience."

Mickey Bond

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Professional Level Workshop Guide:

Workshop Description
Workshop Details

  • All materials provided.

  • Your Workshop experience videotaped for your future reference.

  • Showcase at www.truefresco.com

  • Participation in our studio's projects. 

  • Artist development program.

Fresco Workshop office

- 310-337-2783
- 310-779-5079

Traveling Fresco Workshop/Demonstration.

This one-day workshop/demonstration is perfect for Art Colleges, Craft Schools, Art Associations and Collectives, etc.

Organizers needed!

Please contact our office!


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Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov

Albuquerque Fresco

The Albuquerque Fresco is a paradigm of a brilliant modern fresco. Its technique is on the Grande scale, 23 ft by 19ft. Viewing it is reminiscent of watching a gigantic film, for this fresco incorporates not only cinematic techniques, and reminders of the most brilliant cartoon art, but also resounds of the painting of late modern artists with a flair for whimsy, like Jean Miro, and Paul Klee...

more Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov

2-day Professional Fresco Workshop
This comprehensive workshop is for the mural
ist, fine artist or professional decorative artist, that includes step by step tutorial on preparation for fresco.


plaster2.jpg (23834 bytes)

plaster3.jpg (25748 bytes)

more photos

Workshop takes place in Ilia Anossov Downtown, LA studio and is limited to 5 students. Each student will complete 22"X22" Buon Fresco and will work on 3 practice panels.

Fall/Winter 2002-2003 Schedule

Coming soon...


Cost $750
 Materials fee $125

SAVE $50 - pay $825 in one payment online - two weeks before selected workshop date

Ilia Anossov - fresco painting
Ian Hardwick - fresco plaster
Glenn Fischer - fresco pigments

During each workshop Ilia Anossov is painting alongside the students demonstrating an advanced details of fresco technique.
During this class the focus will be - the use of the traditional fresco palette and "Bocca di Spizzatura" method of fresco application widely used in Pompea.

Advanced 2-day Professional Fresco Workshop
This fast-paced workshop is for our existing students.  People with previous fresco training may apply.


Advdgj02.jpg (24741 bytes) lotusfresco2.jpg (20977 bytes)

for more details on this workshop you need to call
our office for an interview (310) 337 2783

Workshop takes place in Ilia Anossov Downtown, LA studio and is limited to 4 students.
During this workshop each student will complete a two-giornata buon fresco.

1-day Beginner Fresco Workshop/Demonstration

"Introduction to Fresco Painting"
This one-day workshop is perfect for beginner and amateur artists, crafts people, hobbyists, etc.

Workshop takes place in Ilia Anossov Downtown, LA studio and is limited to 5 students. Each student will complete 12"X12" or 16"X16" Buon Fresco on tile.

This class is taught by the certified instructor from our professional workshop level.

10AM - 5PM

Fall/Winter 2002-2003 Schedule

Coming soon...


Cost  - $165.00 Materials fee - $25
everything included, payment due on enrollment

This workshop will introduce students to principals of fresco painting without going into professional details and applications.

After this workshop student will be able to create small decorative buon frescoes. 

To enroll and/or be notified about our Fall/Winter 2002-2003 schedule for Fresco Workshop in Los Angeles please fill  out the form below. For more information please contact:

(310) 337 2783

kids_logo_bg.gif (7223 bytes)

Real Children - Real Frescoes

This is a 5 hour Fun Filled Fresco Workshop for ages 7-12+ During this class kids will learn facts about History of Fresco starting from 35,000 years old Cave Paintings in France and each child will paint a small buon fresco.

"Discover Fresco Workshop for Children" can be easily taught by school teacher or parent using our 90min "Discover Fresco Workshop" Video and "Discover Fresco Workshop" Materials Kit.

For schedule and other info please refer to "Discover Fresco Workshop for Children" page.


About our instructors


Ilia Anossov


Ian Hardwick


"...Ilia and his highly skilled team demonstrated a high degree of discipline and creativity during the two-month project. He transformed a thirty-foot wall into a living display of beauty that will outlast most of the art and architecture of the Southwest. He is a creative genius and works with a wonderful team..." Amy Bowers, Emmy Award Winning Documentary Producer (Best Public Affears) ABTV


"...Ilias understanding of the components and team effort is true to the past masters of the art. He truly is a visionary. It's been a year since the fresco was completed. It has changed it's outlook every day of the past year. Ilias talent is beyond merely fabulous. The technique in itself is an amazing art form. Ilias interpretation with and in the materials is exquisite. The beauty continues to evolve and intensify, as the fresco becomes its intended self. Seeing past the immediate results and understanding the final outcome is truly the realm of the fresco master..." Steve Upah, Patron


"...Ilia stands amidst the very few talents who are actually breathing life back into the medium - Ben Long and Charles Kapsner among them - in the United States, and who are consistently refining the art of fresco, painting beautiful pictures for generations to enjoy. Ilia goes a step further than his colleagues in one aspect though: he had made generous strides in uniting growing Internet communities interested in fresco. His web site(TrueFresco.com) is nothing short of amazing in its depth and breadth, and it's become a major forum - perhaps THE forum - on the subject..." Mark W. Stone, Emmy Award Winning Producer WVIZ/PBS


At our Professional Fresco Workshop You will learn:

Step by step tutorial on preparation for Fresco. We will guide You through development of the concept and design, building composition based on giornatas, calculating the time and steps, ordering material.
Developing of the Cartoon and making tracings. From concept sketch and color rendering to full scale Cartoon and color study. Finalizing giornatas layout and making tracings.  
Wall preparation. Plaster selection and application. Sand and lime mixtures. Humidity control and moisture. Tools and equipment. Tips from master-plasterer Ian Hardwick.
Pigment selection and color preparation. Pigment grinding and storing ground base colors. Use of white and monitoring mixed colors during painting. Tools and equipment.
Painting and joining giornatas. Steps in painting. Morning, midday, evening differences. "Golden Hour" and drying challenge. Plaster behaviors and planning of the painting day.
Materials for Fresco. Where and how to find and buy fresco supplies. Lime, pigments, brushes, etc. On-line ordering.

After the workshop it's not going to end! 

  • The whole workshop (professional level) will be videotaped.  Each student will get a complimentary copy as a valuable refresher of the workshop experience. You can also request that a personalized video will be taken of your own individual workshop experience.  Good for professionals and individuals interested in promoting their career.  Separate charge may apply.

  • Each workshop student will get a free showcase page at www.truefresco.com, the most definitive Contemporary Fresco Painting resource on the global internet, averaging over 200,000 page-views per month in 2001.

  • Students in our Fresco workshop program may also qualify for our personalized artist development program, which includes phone consultations, extended on-line presentation, participation in studio projects, exhibitions and more.

2-day Professional Fresco Workshop Details

Fresco Workshop length and schedule
Teaching personnel in attendance
We provide the following materials for each person
Each student must have
Tuition and scholarships
What will student get for their money


None of Your personal information will ever be sold, traded, leased, rented or given away in any other shape or form to anyone without Your written permission. It is also will not be used by us for any other purpose but the one it was given for: notify You about Fresco Workshop schedule and new fresco painting related material.

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Fresco Workshop length and schedule (professional level):

Teaching personnel in attendance (professional level):

We bring the following materials for each person (professional level):

Each student must have (professional level):

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Tuition and scholarships for Los Angeles (professional level).  

$500 - deposit due on enrollment and minimum of two weeks before (for Los Angeles workshops only!) selected workshop date 

$375 - balance due on the day of the first class before the class

SAVE $50 - pay $825 in one payment online - two weeks before selected workshop date

Contact  Fresco Workshop Office for information on payment procedure. Or pay online by VISA or Master Card.

What will student get for their money (professional level)?


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