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I LA Design Services specializes in Original Buon Fresco. Our frescoes are created directly on the wall or on individual or multiple panels as presented in our Unique "Modern Fresco Collection". Our recent fresco project, the Albuquerque Fresco can be considered the largest Buon Fresco in Western part of United States measuring 23 ft by 19 ft 8 in. The Fresco is painted at the residence of Steve & Renee Upah of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Albuquerque Fresco. Artist Ilia Anossov, design Ilia & Lena Anossov. Patrons Steve & Renee Upah.

Albuquerque Fresco has been painted on location in strict compliance to the Classic Buon Fresco Technique in 15 sections over the period of six weeks. The full scale monochrome renderings/cartoons and scaled 1/4 color study was developed by the I LA Design Services at our Los Angeles Studios. The theme and style of the fresco was based on original Modern Frescoes of Ilia Anossov selected by the clients from Ilia's online portfolio.

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Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov (detail)

Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov.

Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov

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Buon (true) Fresco Technique

Affresco ( In English usage, “fresco” ). Painting done on freshly laid wet plaster with pigments dissolved in lime water. As both dry they become completely integrated. Known as “true” fresco, this technique was most popular from the late thirteenth to the mid-sixteenth centuries.
The common assumption that all mural painting is fresco painting is an erroneous idea. It is true that one can in fact paint on fresh plaster, or intonaco, to make a painting in affresco or a fresco. In true fresco the artist must start applying his colors on the wet (or fresco) intonaco as soon as it has been prepared and laid on the wall. The colors can thus be absorbed by the wet plaster. When it dries and hardens, the colors become one with plaster.
Technically speaking the plaster does not “dry” but rather a chemical reaction occurs in which calcium carbonate is formed as a result of carbon dioxide from the air combining with the calcium hydrate in the wet plaster.

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