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"Sundance" by Ilia Anossov
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I LA Design Services is "designed" to provide designers and architects alike with professional resource in Decorative & Fine Arts

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"Verdi green finish on metal" -  lamp,  by I LA.

Our specialty is BUON (true) FRESCO - the oldest and the most celebrated technique.
Almost every known civilization has chosen Buon Fresco to decorate it's most treasured environments. Diego Rivera's Exhibit at LACMA,
PBS documentary "Fresco", "High Fresco" documentary by M. W. Stone
our own documentary title by Amy Bowers
"Albuquerque Fresco - Inside Look"
document the beginning of Fresco's Modern revival. At this time any
cutting edge Interior Design Portfolio will not be complete without a Fresco. At I LA Design Services we will be happy to share with You our expertise.

With Your cooperation we can make Los Angeles a World Center of Modern Fresco

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"Verdi green finish on metal" -  gates,  by I LA.

Since our relocation from the East Coast (Southampton, NY) to Los Angeles in 1997 we have completed a number of exiting projects

Albuquerque Fresco
(buon fresco 450 sq. feet)
Albuquerque, New Mexico
patrons Steve & Renee Upah

Murals (over 1000 sq., feet)
for Grand Central Market, The Yellin Company, Downtown LA. Stiles range
from Classic Trompe L'oeil
to modern graphic designs.

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"Custom Finish & Antique Glaze" on wood,  by I LA.

In collaboration with other companies:

70th Academy Awards, 50th Emmy Awards ( DBD Prods.)
11 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award (Vagabond Shu Prods.)
Mural for "Chimayo at the Beach" (restaurant, Huntington Beach)
Mural for "Gladstones 4 Fish" (restaurant, Malibu, The Fine Art Studio

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"Custom  Antique Bronze Finish" on plaster cast,  by I LA.

Frescoes, sculptures, murals, trompe l'oeils, decorative finishes for private residences. Catalog and presentational designs, Internet sites.

our previous projects also include restoration of architectural Landmarks dated back to the 12th century

I LA Design Services is owned and operated by the artists Ilia & Lena Anossov (I LA). You can contact us by phone (310) 337 2783 or e-mail at

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I LA Design Services is a proud sponsor of the educational project MODERN FRESCO GALLERY at www.truefresco.com.

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