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Documentary title by Amy Bowers "Albuquerque Fresco - Inside Look" is currently in editing, introductory video Albuquerque Fresco available Now.

Feature includes: footage of entire painting process of 24 x 18 foot Buon Fresco in all aspects, detailed Buon Fresco technique employed by Ilia Anossov, interviews with fresco painter Ilia Anossov, plasterer Ian Hardwick, sculptor Glenn Fischer. To order Your Free introductory video - click here   To view the "Albuquerque Fresco" slide show in new window click here 

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Ilia Anossov

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Glenn Fischer

To obtain information on the Limited Artist Edition of the feature and receive a FREE introductory "Albuquerque Fresco" video - send a SASE and contact info to:

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Ian Hardwick

Limited Artist Edition release include's tips and "secrets" of Fresco Painting from Los Angeles studio interviews with Ilia Anossov, Glenn Fischer and Ian Hardwick. Original copies of the edition will be hand-signed by the Artists.

Artist Edition is limited and will be distributed on a "First come, First served" basis.

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