Introducing the project has launched it's new online project "History of Modern Fresco". In this section of our website we are presenting virtual exhibitions of Modern Frescoes created between 1900-2000. Frescoes which are just about to slip through the cracks in Art History, but not in any way less important than the works of celebrated and remembered Masters of Italian Renaissance. 

   Our first virtual presentation that inaugurates this project is an outstanding Fresco of a prominent American Master - Peter Hurd. This monumental work was painted during 1953-54 covering over 800 sq. feet. Peter Hurd's fresco can be viewed  in the rotunda of Texas Tech University Museum.

   This Fresco is an incredibly important part of our culture. Unfortunately like hundreds of other frescoes painted during the last 100 years, it is almost unknown today.

   The goal of this project is to bring this magnificent works back to light and deliver them the attention that they rightfully deserve. However it would be almost impossible task without your help! There is practically no available resources of information for the locations of these frescoes and we count on your feedback to will help us locate and document this invaluable part of our Cultural Heritage.

Please email any available to you information to 

or better yet - post in the 
History of Modern Fresco 1900-2000 Forum

Thank you in advance! 

Ilia Anossov
fresco painter, sculptor
founder of

Proceed to view  "The Peter Hurd Fresco"


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