"Discover Fresco Workshop" Goes Chicago!

On July 17th, artist Tansey Moyer successfully conducted the first class in a planned series of fresco workshops at the Columbus Maryville Academy at Montrose and Clarendon in Chicago - an emergency housing center for the Department of Child and Family Services in Cook County. Tansey is using support and materials provided by TrueFresco.com through our "Discover Fresco Outreach Program"...




"Step by step tutorial on preparation for Fresco. We will guide You through development of the concept and design, building composition based on giornatas, calculating the time and steps, ordering material. Developing of the Cartoon and making tracings. From concept sketch and color rendering to full scale Cartoon and color study. Finalizing giornatas layout and making tracings. Wall preparation. Plaster selection and application. Sand and lime mixtures. Humidity control and moisture. Tools and equipment. Tips from master-plasterer Ian Hardwick. Pigment selection and color preparation. Pigment grinding and storing ground base colors. Use of white and monitoring mixed colors during painting. Tools and equipment. Painting and joining giornatas. Steps in painting.  Morning, midday, evening differences. "Golden Hour" and drying challenge. Plaster behaviors and planning of the painting day. Materials for Fresco. Where and how to find and buy fresco supplies."

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"Discover Fresco®" Workshop For Children Program!

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Los Angeles schedule


Workshop takes place in Ilia Anossov Downtown, LA
studio each class is limited to 5 children. Each child
will complete 12"X12" Buon Fresco on tile.

Fall/Winter 2002-2003 Schedule

Coming soon...

Cost $50
 Materials fee $25

This class is taught by iLia Anossov or studio-certified
instructor from our professional workshop level.

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It's a great fun for the whole class and kids love it!

Completed Fresco-Tiles can be assembled in a Quilt-like Mural to which new pieces can be added at any time. Resulting mural will be a significant display of student's creativity and ever-growing display with an unlimited potential. 

"Discover Fresco Workshop" is easily taught by artist, school teacher or parent using our 90min "Discover Fresco Workshop" Video and "Discover Fresco Workshop" Materials Kit.

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