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 . is a new website featuring step-by-step pictures of the painting process, materials, resources, etc. Dolphin Fresco is a fine example of Ancient Pompeian Fresco method, Early Mediterranean laconic imagery of design and Renaissance technique of painting. This original interpretation of The Classic Theme has been seamlessly integrated into contemporary setting by View Site


Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov

Contact for Fresco, Mural and Trompe L'Oeil Commissions


The Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov is a paradigm of a brilliant modern fresco. Its technique is on the Grande scale, 23ft by 19ft. Viewing it is reminiscent of watching a gigantic film, for this fresco incorporates not only cinematic techniques, and reminders of the most brilliant art, but also resounds of the painting of late modern artists with a flair for whimsy, like Jean Miro, and Paul Klee...
more The Albuquerque Fresco by Ilia Anossov is a paradigm of a brilliant modern fresco. Its technique is on the Grande scale, 23 ft by 19ft. Viewing it is reminiscent of watching a gigantic film, for this fresco incorporates not only cinematic techniques, and reminders of the most brilliant cartoon art, but also resounds of the painting of late modern artists with a flair for whimsy, like Jean Miro, and Paul Klee...

Over 26,000 sq. feet of hand painted trompe l'oeil fresco fabrics have been produced by I LA Design Services to decorate 76th Annual Academy Awards® Governors Ball... "We wanted to create a modern-day palace, which is very fitting for the Governors' Ball," said Cheryl Cecchetto whose Sequoia Productions has staged 15 Governors Balls.




Affresco ( In English usage, “fresco” ). Painting done on freshly laid wet plaster with pigments dissolved in lime water. As both dry they become completely integrated. Known as “true” fresco, this technique was most popular from the late thirteenth to the mid-sixteenth centuries. The common assumption that all mural painting is fresco painting is an erroneous idea. It is true that one can in fact paint on fresh plaster, or intonaco, to make a painting in affresco or a fresco. In true fresco the artist must start applying his colors on the wet (or fresco) intonaco as soon as it has been prepared and laid on the wall. The colors can thus be absorbed by the wet plaster. When it dries and hardens, the colors become one with plaster. Technically speaking the plaster does not “dry” but rather a chemical reaction occurs in which calcium carbonate is formed as a result of carbon dioxide from the air combining with the calcium hydrate in the wet plaster.


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Established in 1997 in Los Angeles by fresco artist iLia Anossov (fresco) also known as "Nationwide Fresco Painting Workshop Program" since 1992. Hundreds of students have attended our workshops enrolling from US, Canada, Europe. Fresco School is the only Art School that offers ongoing fresco curriculum throughout the calendar year. Our buon fresco programs have traveled to many US cities.

Our Goal is to see Fresco being painted in every town!


The Buon Fresco Painting Foundations 5 DVD Set is a highly detailed tutorial and real-time demonstration of foundational steps in painting on wet plaster - afresco. Over 10 hours of real-time footage (replayed at higher speed to fit the DVD), numerous charts, text and illustrations, narrated real-time by the author iLia Anossov.

iLia Anossov’s Malibu Fresco project has been featured on the covers of 5 premier international magazines including Architectural Digest (AD) USA, AD Germany, AD Italy, House and Garden UK, C Magazine USA. Currently iLia Anossov is teaching fresco painting at the Fresco School and the GETTY in Los Angeles.

  Unique Fresco brushes made of fine bristle handcrafted in Italy by dedicated craftsmen, following the centuries old tradition and technique. Not available in US stores! Aged Lime Putty of the highest quality. Studio-tested Fine Fresco pigments and more. Secure online shopping.  

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more has launched it's Outreach project - "History of Modern Fresco". Presenting virtual exhibitions of Frescoes created between 1900 - 2000. Frescoes which are just about to slip through the cracks in Art History, but not in any way less important than the works of celebrated and remembered Masters of Italian Renaissance...

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Artist Tansey Moyer successfully conducts classes in a series of fresco workshops at the Columbus Maryville Academy at Montrose and Clarendon in Chicago - an emergency housing center for the Department of Child and Family Services in Cook County. Tansey is using support and materials provided by through our "Discover Fresco Outreach Program"...


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Discover Fresco Workshop takes place in Ilia Anossov Downtown, LA studio and is limited to 5 children. Each child will complete 12"X12" Buon Fresco on tile. "Discover Fresco Workshop" can also be easily taught by school teacher or parent using our 90min "Discover Fresco Workshop" Video and "Discover Fresco Workshop" Materials Kit.  Ilia Anossov sponsors a qualified instructor from his studio to teach this workshop for you (Los Angeles locations only).






"Step by step tutorial on preparation for Fresco. We will guide You through development of the concept and design, building composition based on giornatas, calculating the time and steps, ordering material. Developing of the Cartoon and making tracings. From concept sketch and color rendering to full scale Cartoon and color study. Finalizing giornatas layout and making tracings. Wall preparation. Plaster selection and application. Sand and lime mixtures. Humidity control and moisture. Tools and equipment. Tips from master-plasterer Ian Hardwick. Pigment selection and color preparation. Pigment grinding and storing ground base colors. Use of white and monitoring mixed colors during painting. Tools and equipment. Painting and joining giornatas. Steps in painting.  Morning, midday, evening differences. "Golden Hour" and drying challenge. Plaster behaviors and planning of the painting day. Materials for Fresco. Where and how to find and buy fresco supplies."